Commercial and Industrial Resin Contractors

Rabbit Contracting Ltd are specialists in epoxy and polyurethane coatings and screeds. We design and install systems for floors, walls, corrosion control and chemical containment, and we are experienced in dealing with the needs of the manufacturing, food processing and pharmaceutical sectors in particular.

Epoxy resin flooring

With over 20 years experience in the resin flooring industry, we have a great track record in producing quality industrial flooring installations for a wide range of clients from multi-billon pound corporations and public bodies down to small engineering workshops and commercial garages.

Systems include water based epoxy coatings, solvent free epoxy coatings, flow applied epoxy screeds, trowelled epoxy screeds, epoxy repair mortars, water based urethane coatings, solvent free urethane coatings, self smoothing urethane screeds, trowelled urethane screeds, elastomeric coatings, siloxane water repellents, chemical resistant coatings and aluminium enriched epoxy coatings for steel.

Our latest projects

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Crawley Hospital


Mortuary Refurbishment

Hygienic, durable finish to walls and floor

Rabbit Contracting is a specialist resin contractor covering the whole of England and Wales. For specialist resin flooring, hygienic wall coatings or chemical/corrosion solutions, contact us for a quotation.

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