About us

“Rabbit Contracting Ltd have refurbished all our flooring in 8 visits over a period of two years. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Derek Jebson
Senju (UK) Ltd

Do you get frustrated by poor service, lack of communication or shoddy workmanship? So do we – which is why Rabbit Contracting Ltd is dedicated to being the most user-friendly contractor you can find.

Rabbit Contracting Ltd is committed at all levels to providing the type of service our clients say they want. Fast turnaround on quotes, reports that contain all the information you need, efficient installation and crucially working to your deadlines and in a way that minimises interference with your processes.

“The company’s high standard of work and the regard in place from your clients is a benefit to the business.”

Investors in People
Assessment Report

We want our staff to be relaxed and confident in what they do so we provide the right skills by a heavy investment in training and quality kit. We have recently achieved the Investors in People standard and have been chosen as an IiP case study for both Quality South East and IiP nationally as a result of our commitment to our staff.

We could continue telling you about our quality workmanship, ability to meet deadlines and how easy we are to work with at great length, after all we are passionate about it – but doesn't everybody say that?

The only way you are really going to see the difference is to give us a try.

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