Corrosion & chemical control

Corrosion control and chemical resistant coatings

Corrosion and chemical control coatingsOne of the most important functions of a resin coating or screed system can be to act as a barrier between your building and aggressive environments or processes. This can take the form of chemical resistant coatings and screeds or anti-corrosion barrier coatings and these systems can be applied either as a preventative measure or as retrospective repair and maintenance.

Full details of the chemical environment combined with our 20 years experience in the resin coatings and screeds industry allow Rabbit Contracting to design a system to fit each individual application. We can provide flooring, steel protection, tank lining, drain refurbishment or bund lining with a range of high quality epoxy and polyurethane resin systems for a wide variety of industrial and commercial environments.

Chemical containment generally involve either concrete or steel repair and protection. We have a comprehensive range of anti-corrosion and chemical coatings, modified cementitious or epoxy concrete repair mortars and coatings for the protection of floors, tanks and bunding. All these systems come with detailed information on repair methods and expected lifetimes.

Rabbit Contracting specialises in chemical resistant coatings and corrosion protection for a range of industrial and commercial environments.

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